Last week, after a long stressful day of work, I came home to find a package waiting for me. I was super confused as to what it could possibly be because I hadn’t ordered anything online in a while. But then I read the address and I noticed that it was from a familiar name, Jaleesa!

I then got super excited because I remembered emailing her a month or so prior about something small, when she stated that she was going to send me a package of goodies. When I opened up the box, it was definitely filled with goodies aka A BUNCH OF MAKEUP!! I am a makeup fanatic, although I don’t wear it much to school because I don’t usually have the time in the morning, but on the weekends I always make time to do it!

Jaleesa is actually a beauty/natural hair YouTuber! My favorite one to be exact! I have been a subscriber of hers literally since her first video, she was demonstrating how to flat iron short natural afro textured hair. (I believe she has since taken that video down.) I even went out to meet her on her first ever appearance as an iPSY stylist at Generation Beauty, so she knew that I have been a supporter for years.

I’m so happy and thankful that she sent me all of these goodies to try. She even wrote me a little note thanking me for my support ♥


Here’s a picture of us about 2 years ago! I look horrible in both of these pictures but whatever haha

gen beauty1       me&jaleesa


-Tiffany ♥


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