Snowdays on a spring day 🍦

IMG_8525Yesterday, my sisters Dena and Amber, my mother, and I decided to do a little outing and get some shaved ice. I recommended one of my favorite shops, Snowdays, which recently opened in my area. I usually go to their ice-cream shop in Greenwich Village and I am still ecstatic that they opened a new one closer to me!

They have flavors of shaved ice such as yeti tracks, which is said to be cookies and cream flavor but color dyed blue to fit the theme of the store, coconut – which is a good option for vegans, green tea matcha (my personal favorite) etc. They have a variety of toppings like mochi (my favorite topping), fruity pebbles, nuts, grass jelly, and pocky sticks! Then you can “drizzle it up” and add flavored dressings such as strawberry purée, blueberry purée, condensed milk, honey and more!

Yesterday I ordered a regualar sized yeti tracks with fruity pebbles, mochi with strawberry purée! It was a perfect way to spend the afternoon with my fam 🍧💟

Ten out of ten, would recommend! ⭐️





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