Massive Milkshakes!

Monday was the first day of “Spring Break” here in NYC but I made no plans to go on vacation like normal college students do because of work 😦 . So, I decided to take my little sister Amber to a restaurant that she had been begging me to take her to for the longest time. The restaurant is called Black Tap. They are known for their varieties of novelty milkshakes – with flavors such as “Sweet and Salty: A peanut butter shake“, “Cotton Candy” A strawberry shake“,  “The Cookie Shake: Vanilla cookie shake“, “Sour Power: Black cherry shake” etc. I ordered the “BAM BAM Shake” which was a strawberry shake garnished with a dollop of whipped cream with a cherry on top, fruity pebbles cereal, a fruity pebbles cereal bar, a mini poptart, and to my suprise- a NERDS ROPE (My favorite candy!!!!).

After slurping down all that delicious goodness, I did feel quite nauseous. It was sooooo sweet! But I will definitely be going back to try the other flavors!

Ten out of 10, would recommend! 🌟

This was my shake:


This was Amber’s shake:

amber's shake.PNG


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