Hello…it’s me

What’s going on guys? Hey I’m Tiffany! I’ve always wanted to create a blog but always pressured myself when it came to creating one because I didn’t want to seem as if I was “following the crowd” or “hopping on the blogging band wagon” as some would say. As you all must know, being a blogger has become a very huge trend. I also felt like “what can I even blog about? There are literally hundreds of blogs for every and anything already.” But over the summer I did try (slightly failed) creating a lifestyle blog just like this one is supposed to be and I haven’t updated it since July lol. But this time I know I can be consistent… this time is different, #1 because creating a blog and updating it frequently was a class assignment and i feel like because of that I will start getting in the groove of actually updating often and hopefully I don’t stop. So follow me on my journey through school and my plain ol’ life. I will have a new post by Monday!


C’est moi


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