Best Unicorn Latte!

Last week, I went to this cafe called “The End Brooklyn” with my friend Jennifer because we wanted to try out this “unicorn latte”. Starbucks recently came out with a unicorn frapp and everyone hyped it up but honestly it tasted like complete shit LOL. So we wanted to try this latte and see if this tasted any better aaaaand it totally did!

10/10 would recommend ★



(Not my picture, taken from google)


Just found out i’m going back to Europe this summer! Ready for the semester to be over so I can start packing!

The Daily Promise

My coworker recommended to me a really great self help book called “The Daily Promise”.  It’s basically a book with 100 tips to help you feel better about your life. So far I really like it.

10 out of 10, would recommend. ★

the daily

Last week, after a long stressful day of work, I came home to find a package waiting for me. I was super confused as to what it could possibly be because I hadn’t ordered anything online in a while. But then I read the address and I noticed that it was from a familiar name, Jaleesa!

I then got super excited because I remembered emailing her a month or so prior about something small, when she stated that she was going to send me a package of goodies. When I opened up the box, it was definitely filled with goodies aka A BUNCH OF MAKEUP!! I am a makeup fanatic, although I don’t wear it much to school because I don’t usually have the time in the morning, but on the weekends I always make time to do it!

Jaleesa is actually a beauty/natural hair YouTuber! My favorite one to be exact! I have been a subscriber of hers literally since her first video, she was demonstrating how to flat iron short natural afro textured hair. (I believe she has since taken that video down.) I even went out to meet her on her first ever appearance as an iPSY stylist at Generation Beauty, so she knew that I have been a supporter for years.

I’m so happy and thankful that she sent me all of these goodies to try. She even wrote me a little note thanking me for my support ♥


Here’s a picture of us about 2 years ago! I look horrible in both of these pictures but whatever haha

gen beauty1       me&jaleesa


-Tiffany ♥

Meeting WWE Superstar Natalya

If you knew me, you’d know that I love the WWE. I’ve been watching since I was about 5 with my grandparents and my dad and still to this day i watch Smackdown and Raw every Monday and Tuesday nights. I even go to the live shows whenever they’re here in NYC with my dad.

Yesterday, AOL Build held a live interview for Natalya Neidhart and I was quick to register for my free ticket before the event was full! For those who do not know who Natalya is, she is a WWE Superstar and is also the daughter of Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart – a two time WWE Tag team champion. She also stars on E!’s “Total Divas” (my favorite reality show). Nattie is one of my favorite female wrestlers next to Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Naomi, Lita, Alicia Fox, Trish Stratus, Paige etc…the list can go on forever (some listed are retired).

Nattie’s interview was great! She is so inspirational, well spoken and funny and humble. She talked about her insta-famous kitty 2Paws, this season of Total Divas, the legacy she wants to leave, and answered a few questions from the audience. At the end of her interview as she walked back to where she entered from, I said bye to her and she came and fave me the biggest hug! I’m still screaming internally haha! After, we all went outside and she took the time to take selfies with EVERY SINGLE FAN waiting out there for her! She even took pics with randoms who just wanted to get a picture because they saw paps haha.

Overall, I had such an amazing time meeting Nattie, even though it lasted only about an hour. ♥


Snowdays on a spring day 🍦

IMG_8525Yesterday, my sisters Dena and Amber, my mother, and I decided to do a little outing and get some shaved ice. I recommended one of my favorite shops, Snowdays, which recently opened in my area. I usually go to their ice-cream shop in Greenwich Village and I am still ecstatic that they opened a new one closer to me!

They have flavors of shaved ice such as yeti tracks, which is said to be cookies and cream flavor but color dyed blue to fit the theme of the store, coconut – which is a good option for vegans, green tea matcha (my personal favorite) etc. They have a variety of toppings like mochi (my favorite topping), fruity pebbles, nuts, grass jelly, and pocky sticks! Then you can “drizzle it up” and add flavored dressings such as strawberry purée, blueberry purée, condensed milk, honey and more!

Yesterday I ordered a regualar sized yeti tracks with fruity pebbles, mochi with strawberry purée! It was a perfect way to spend the afternoon with my fam 🍧💟

Ten out of ten, would recommend! ⭐️




Massive Milkshakes!

Monday was the first day of “Spring Break” here in NYC but I made no plans to go on vacation like normal college students do because of work 😦 . So, I decided to take my little sister Amber to a restaurant that she had been begging me to take her to for the longest time. The restaurant is called Black Tap. They are known for their varieties of novelty milkshakes – with flavors such as “Sweet and Salty: A peanut butter shake“, “Cotton Candy” A strawberry shake“,  “The Cookie Shake: Vanilla cookie shake“, “Sour Power: Black cherry shake” etc. I ordered the “BAM BAM Shake” which was a strawberry shake garnished with a dollop of whipped cream with a cherry on top, fruity pebbles cereal, a fruity pebbles cereal bar, a mini poptart, and to my suprise- a NERDS ROPE (My favorite candy!!!!).

After slurping down all that delicious goodness, I did feel quite nauseous. It was sooooo sweet! But I will definitely be going back to try the other flavors!

Ten out of 10, would recommend! 🌟

This was my shake:


This was Amber’s shake:

amber's shake.PNG

Sparkle & Shine ☼

Hey guys! Yesterday there was supposedly a “snow storm”, so I called out of work. I decided to make use of my time and film a makeup video. I’ve always wanted to make tutorials but the timing was always off and it just never happened correctly whenever I tried. So yesterday I  had my eldest sister help me out with recording and everything, and the video didn’t turn out too bad if I do say myself!

The look in this video was inspired by a look in Little Mix’s Shout Out to My Ex music video.

Here is the video, if you wanted to see a better shot of this glittery, subtle mermaid-esque makeup look!


Little Mix Takes over Madison Square Garden!


Little Mix, award winning British girl band, who recently won their first major award at the Brits 2017, dominated the stage at the infamous Madison Square Garden for the SECOND day in a row!! As opening act for Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman Tour, the girls performed 8 of their top singles from the latest one “Touch” to their very first single after X Factor,”Wings”. 

As you may know, I am the ultimate Little Mix fan…literally since they won the X Factor UK. I even booked my flight to France last year a week early because they were going on tour near my family’s city in France ahaha. They are honestly so underrated and I hope and pray that this tour will be the beginning of their “Glory Days” (their latest album name).

They have the most amazing stage presence! During this show, I noticed that they changed up their dance routines (yes, I know all their routine lol). Everytime they perform, though they sing the same songs, they always  switch up the dance routines or do a mash up which is so refreshing. They are such talented girls and seriously deserve waaay more recognition than they currently have.

 Here are some of their videos! Check them out! 

OHH! And I “vlogged” my experience today at the concert, so I will have a vlog up soon. I’m hoping to get it up by Sunday afternoon, so look out for that!


Tiffany Alana

Hello…it’s me

What’s going on guys? Hey I’m Tiffany! I’ve always wanted to create a blog but always pressured myself when it came to creating one because I didn’t want to seem as if I was “following the crowd” or “hopping on the blogging band wagon” as some would say. As you all must know, being a blogger has become a very huge trend. I also felt like “what can I even blog about? There are literally hundreds of blogs for every and anything already.” But over the summer I did try (slightly failed) creating a lifestyle blog just like this one is supposed to be and I haven’t updated it since July lol. But this time I know I can be consistent… this time is different, #1 because creating a blog and updating it frequently was a class assignment and i feel like because of that I will start getting in the groove of actually updating often and hopefully I don’t stop. So follow me on my journey through school and my plain ol’ life. I will have a new post by Monday!


C’est moi